Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 07:00 till 23:00

In our laundry venue there are multiple waching machines available of different sizes. The prices differ depending on the chosen machine.
Only here will you find automatic dosage of detergents, which are included in the price!

Clients that are in possession of the loyalty card have access to additional discounts.

Washing machines Price per laundry With loyalty card
9 kg 32 PLN 29 PLN
15 kg 43 PLN 39 PLN
20 kg 55 PLN 50 PLN

There are four dryers available with a capacity of 15 kg. In case of possession of a loyalty card there are additional discounts available.

Dryers Rate per 15min* With loyalty card
15 kg 15 PLN 13 PLN

*the recommended drying time is 30-45 minutes

At Speed Queen Lublin we accept the following payment methods: cash (coins and notes) and credit cards. The payment machine gives change. It is also possible to pay using the loyalty card.
The payment machine accepts the following nominal values: 10, 20 and 50 PLN as well as 0.50, 1, 2 and 5 PLN coins.


Loyalty Card


The loyalty card offers a special payment method to use within the laundromat.
It allows to save time and do more laundry in less!

A single card issuance costs 70 PLN containing 35 PLN to be used within the laundromat



How to get an invoice?


If you require an invoice, please send over the required details, including e-mail address and confirmation of payment at the day the service was executed to